Welcome To Billionside Apparel | Snatched The Crown 2020

What is Billionside?


What is Billionside?

Billionside (Noun)

Billionside is a socio-economic status reserved for 10-figure net worths.

"We grind everyday to get to the Billionside."


About Us:

In 2020, we Snatched The Crown. Billionside Apparel offers the latest high-end streetwear inspired by Hip-Hop and R&B culture. We pride ourselves on doing things differently:

  • We aim to create unique designs that diverge from industry norms while staying true to Hip-Hop and R&B roots.
  • We use a percentage of our profits to support children in Africa to give them the same opportunities that we take for granted in western culture.
  • We hope to inspire others to dream big and work to make those dreams a reality.


Contact Us:

Email: info@billionside.com.au